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Episode 70

Affordable Housing, Workforce Housing and the Fight Against Gentrification, With Leroy Moore

In this podcast interview with Leroy Moore, the Regional Director of Housing for the Tampa Bay area, we discuss affordable and workforce housing. He covers how each sector is different in regards to affordability and what role they play in a community.

About our Guest Leroy Moore

Leroy Moore is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Tampa Housing Authority. He has a long history in affordable housing, as he was the Assistant Director for HUD's Office of Public and Indian Housing in Washington D.C., where he oversaw public housing developments across four states. Leroy now oversees all aspects of Affordable and Workforce Housing for Hillsborough County, Florida which includes overseeing approximately $200 million dollars worth of federal programs that provide rental assistance to almost 8,000 low income households with about 10% being elderly or disabled.

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